fredag den 24. juli 2015

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You will still be able to find older posts here. 

søndag den 19. juli 2015

Mike the monkey

I saw this on my Facebook crochet group and just fell in love with him. I just had to try and make him. So while staying in my summerhouse I began and I just finished him on the last day of my summer holiday. My 3 year old daughter just loves him and he was so much fun to make. 

The pattern for this adorable thing kan be found here:

And now for some cute pictures :-)

torsdag den 25. juni 2015

Monkey business

I love making these monkeys. In this post I will add pictures of my monkeys. So far there's 6 of them. Number 7 is on it's way. 
The pattern is in Danish and can be found here:

Number 1.
Number 2. 
Number 3.
Number 4.
Number 5.
Number 6.
Number 7. 

Number 8. (Blue)

torsdag den 18. juni 2015

Crochet along - Sophie's universe - my favorite project

I'm in love with this project! 
In my basket I have at least 4 other projects I should be working on. 
But when I saw this on Facebook I went straight to my yarn shop. 
It is incredibly pretty and so much  fun to make. 
I love a challenge and this is definitely one. But the pattern is full of pictures and very well written! So it's very easy to follow. 
I can't wait to see the finished blanket but I think it will take a while :-)

You can find the pattern here:

Here are some pictures of my growing Sophie: 

torsdag den 30. april 2015

Abe i nye klæder

Måtte lige lynhurtigt fremtrylle denne abe i jakkesæt og butterfly til min kære nevø som skal konfirmeres i morgen. Jeg syntes den er blevet rigtig god. Håber han syntes den er sjov. Den har samme tøj på som han skal have :-)

Standart opskriften er her:

Jeg har fjernet den runde mavedel og lavet en lang trekant som jeg har syet på foran. Så har jeg hæklet et langt smalt stykke, som jeg har syet fast i den yderste kant rundt om nakken og ned til trekantens spids, lige ved kanten på trekanten, så denne er skjult.
Så ligner det en åben jakke med skjorte indenunder. Har lavet en butterfly ved at hækle en aflang firkant og binde en kort luftmaskekæde rundt om så den bliver trukket sammen til en butterfly.  

Så er den også afleveret :-)

Jeg fik blod på tanden :-) og besluttede at min mands niece også skulle have en abe til hendes nonfirmation. Det blev til denne vampyr abe som blev taget rigtig godt imod. Jeg er simpelthen så godt tilfreds med den. Kappen er fra en opskrift på en vampyr lalylala. 

torsdag den 16. april 2015

Crochet Stewie Griffin

There's not much to say. When I saw this free pattern for Stewie Griffin I raced to my yarn basket to find all the colors and got started! He is so cute that evil little baby :-) 

The pattern is great, not many pictures though, but that's ok. The hard part is the tiny fingers. But luckily there's a video tutorial for that.

If you love family guy then this is just the perfect little project. 

Stewie here, when he is done, is for my husband. He needs all kinds of geeky stuff for his desk at work :-) 

The pattern can be found here: 

fredag den 10. april 2015

Nordic tapestry crochet - skull hat

I always accept a challenge when it comes to crochet. So when I was introduced to a pattern for tapestry crochet I just had to try it out. 
I found the softest cotton/acrylic yarn in my little girl's favorite colors. She loves pink and bright colors. 
Normally I don't particularly care for skulls. But I thought it might be pretty cute in girly colors. And I love it so far! Cool but sweet at the same time. 
And it's a totally different challenge to crochet from a graph. I'm really having fun with it. 

The pattern is free and can be found here:

It's in Danish and English (UK terms)